Non-technical documents

Documentation and resources for developers of SDA Web archives

SDA Archive Developer's Guide (PDF format)

The Guide is the first thing that all SDA archive developers should read. It provides an orientation to the components of the SDA distribution package, a tutorial-style introduction to setting up an SDA archive on a server, and tips on configuring and troubleshooting your SDA archive.

SDA Manual (HTML format)

The SDA Manual contains in-depth information on the options available for each SDA program and the syntax rules for various important SDA file formats --such as the DDL (Data Description Language) and HARC (HTML ARchive Configuration) files.

Other SDA Documentation and Resources

The old non-Web CSA system which preceded SDA is no longer being updated or maintained. However, documentation is still available including a general overview of the CSA system and documents on each CSA program.