Survey Documentation and Analysis (SDA) Help

This web application provides access to the Survey Documentation and Analysis (SDA) system which is a set of programs for documenting and analyzing survey-type data online. Certain studies or datasets have been set up on this server for your use, and you are now ready to analyze the data in the specific study you have selected. Here are a few preliminary hints:

Accessibility Mode

If you click on the "Accessibility mode" checkbox near the top of the application, a few aspects of the SDA user interface will change so that it is more compatible with assistive technology and easier for people with disabilities to navigate. The output of results generated by the various analysis programs will also be altered somewhat so they are easier to navigate with a screen reader.

Selecting and Entering Variable Names

There are a number of ways to enter variable names in the input fields of the various forms:

Online Help

Various links to online help files are available within the SDA application. Help links are indicated by either underlined text or a question mark. These links open either a new tab or window (depending on how your browser is configured).

Most of the help links are context-specific and take you immediately to the section of a help file that is relevant to your position on an option screen. However, the entire online help files can also be accessed from the following links:

Survey Documentation and Analysis (SDA), Version 4.1.4
More information on SDA is available at