Online Documents Available for SDA 3.5


INDEX - List of online documents for SDA programs


This is a list of documents on SDA programs and related topics. These documents are available online in HTML format, for viewing with a browser. They can also be printed out by using the print command in a browser.


Online Help Available from SDA Web Option Screens

analysis Analysis Programs
stderrs Standard Errors of Percentages and Means
newvars Programs to Recode and Compute New Variables
subset Subset Procedure

Setting up an SDA Web Data Archive

Archiver SDA Archiver
Disclosure Specifications to preserve confidentiality
HARC HTML archive specification file
HSDA HTML link to SDA programs
Interface Modifying the SDA user interface
Language Using non-English languages in SDA
Precision Precision specification for output of results
QuickTables Simplified interface for producing tables
SDAlog Generate a report of SDA usage
Searchmanager SDA search manager
SE Compare Comparison of standard errors with other packages
Updates Changes to SDA since Version 3.4

Defining and Creating SDA Datasets

DDL Data Description Language
ddlmod Modify and merge DDL files
makesda Generate an SDA dataset
CASEStoDDL Summary of procedures to create a DDL file from CASES
q4toddl Convert CASES (vers. 4) Q-language instruments to DDL
q4toddlb Summary of batch keywords for Q4TODDL command files
q4toddlc Summary of command-line options for Q4TODDL
q4toddle Examples of Q4TODDL input and output

Produce HTML or Printed Codebooks for Data Files

xcodebk Basic documentation for the XCODEBK program
xcodebk-f Summary of formatting instrtuctions used by XCODEBK
xcodebk-k Summary of keywords for XCODEBK command files
WORDmacro Install and use Word macro for codebooks

Produce HTML or Printed Codebooks for CAI Instruments

IDOC Summary of procedures to create instrument documents
IDL Specifications for Instrument Documentation Language
qextract Extract information from CASES instruments, and produce an IDL file
xcodebk-idoc Using XCODEBK to generate instrument documents
WORDmacro Install and use Word macro for codebooks

Batch Commands for Analysis Programs

describe Describe a variable
tables Crosstabulations
means Comparison of means
corrtab Comparison of correlations
correl Correlation matrix
regress Multiple regression
logit Logit and Probit regression
listcase List values of individual cases
xtables Extended n-way crosstabulation program

Batch Commands for Variable Generating Programs

recode Recode variables into a new variable
compute Perform calculations to create a new variable

Interface with SAS, SPSS, Stata, and DDI

makeDDLsps Convert an SPSS file (.sav or .por) into DDL and data files
DDLtoX Convert DDL to SAS, SPSS, Stata, or DDI (XML) definitions
subset Generate a data file and metadata file for a subset of variables and/or cases
xconvert Convert SAS, SPSS, or Stata definitions into XML (DDI) or DDL
xconverte Examples of data definitions handled by XCONVERT
DDIreader Online service to convert DDI files to DDL
SDAtoXML Read an SDA dataset and create variable definitions in XML

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April 12, 2011