GSS Panel (2006 Sample) Wave 3


This GSS panel dataset has three waves of interviews:

  1. Cases originally sampled and interviewed in 2006
  2. Cases interviewed for the second time in 2008
  3. Cases interviewed for the third wave in 2010.
Among the 4,510 cases interviewed in the full cross-section GSS in 2006, NORC randomly selected 2,000 cases to be followed up for participation in this panel study. In 2008 1,536 cases were re-interviewed, and in 2010 1,276 were re-interviewed.

This data file contains those 2,000 respondents who were randomly selected from among the 2006 respondents to participate in the panel. And the data file contains those variables that were asked at least twice in three waves.

This SDA site for the GSS Panel Dataset is set up to facilitate data analysis and subsetting. It does not contain all of the available documentation on the GSS. See the NORC GSS documentation page for links to all the available documentation. More specifically, see the Release Notes for the GSS Panel.